Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer of Angels

This has been a great (although too short) summer for me. We didn't go to any exotic places or take a cruise or spend long days at the beach. What we did was entertain ALL of our grandAngels at OUR home with the exception of one - (but we did get to see her).

To kick off the summer we had Jadan (7) and Vanessa (9) for a couple of days. They live in OK so it had been a whole year since we saw them last. Wow - what a difference a year makes. So much taller - more mature - cute as ever! They were pretty much content spending their whole time here in our pool.

Then a wonderful visit with my daughter, her hubby and my TuckerBoo - driving 500 miles to spend the 4th of July weekend. I crammed as many hugs and kisses as I could get in! I took him to have his pictures made, he had his first real dip in the pool and the best part was getting to keep him all to myself most of one day while his parents went to the Astros/Red Sox game...! Time does really fly by when you are having fun...

Next, we drove to Arkansas to pick up my mom and my 2 oldest grandAngels - Alayna (11) and Brooklyn (9) for their annual 2 week vaca here with us. This year it fell during the time the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey circus was in town so we were able to take them. We spent a fun day at Dave & Busters - first time visit for all of us - lots of fun. Lots of shopping, shopping and more shopping. We took in 3 movies (Mr. Popper's Penguins, Zookeeper and Monte Carlo) and we tye dyed T-shirts and did a little wood painting. Pepaw let them do some wood burning and Alayna was very good at it! We spent hours upon hours in the pool - they are such waterbugs!
We got our exercise playing wii (Just Dance) and our new found fav hangout - Cherry Berry - helped put on a couple of pounds for me, I think...:-( Love the yogurt but I think I need to lay off some of those toppings!)

After the 2 weeks and returning them back to their home - we took a side trip to see my daughter's new home, which is just beautiful and to spend more time with Tucker! He is just the cutest! 8 months old and such a little giggler just like his mommy when she was a baby. If you have read any of my other blogs, you know he had a very bumpy start to life, but now he is pretty much on track. He is sitting up and now crawling, starting to pull up and is 20 pounds full of joy!

My LilyPie (Lily Rose) is the only one who did not make it to Texas. We did see her when we picked up her big sisters and then again when we returned them. She is 4 years old and she actually does look like a little angel. She will probably get to make her first trip here next summer.

Now - it is about time to start back to work - summer is over for me :-( - it was such fun - something special about having your grandbabies under your own roof. No exotic vacation or cruise could ever be more special. ~M E M O R I E S for my scrapbook!!!~

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