Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm On TV! Want My Autograph?

How cool (or crazy) is this?
About a year or so ago I did a review on Youtube on the InStyler rotating brush. I love the thing and I wanted every one to see how much I love it and go out and get one for themselves. I have done many videos for Youtube - some reviews, some how-tos, some just for plain ole fun with my family - and some just because I wanted to. I enjoy reading the comments that people leave (most of the time) and I have fun making them.

Back in September I received an e-mail from the company that handles the InStyler asking if they could use parts of my video in the 2012 InStyler Infomercial. In exchange I would receive  2 Instylers and 1 Topstyler ($300 in products) When I showed the e-mail to my husband he didn't believe it to be any thing more than a scam, but we checked it out and it was totally legit. They sent me a release form right away and I signed it and faxed it back that day. One week later I had the products at my front door! Talk about fast!!
I never heard anything else about the informercial, no emails, no calls, no letters. On December 31st, Brad and I were about to get ready to go shopping and I just mentioned that I wish I knew if they were going to use my video for the informercial for sure so I could be watching for it. I would have thought they would have sent me an e-mail or something letting me know that it was definately chosen. I walked into my bedroom and flipped on the TV and at that instant I see myself on TV! Now that is a weird feeling! Especially just talking about it 2 minutes before!!
I was screaming for Brad like crazy and he came running into the bedroom - of course he missed it! (I am only on there a few seconds 2 different times) Do you think he was excited for me? with me? Noooooooo - he was mad because I screamed bloody murder and he thought I was dying, hurt or being attacked. He just sat down on the bed with his hand over his heart (how dramatic is he? lol) I was chastised for the next 5 minutes on how I better never do that to him again... Poo - I was on TV, dangit!

Anyway  - I flipped through the entire satelite stations looking for it again - since that was the last 10 minutes of the infomercial and it was over - so I had no idea how many times I was in it or what portions of my video they used. Then I checked Youtube (every thing is on Youtube!) and lo and behold - there it was! How exciting! Not only that - the official website for InStyler has a 2 minute video and I am on that one!
I did my review just for the fun of it - but it made it that more fun to be picked for the infomercial. My Youtube video for the InStyler is now over 15,000 views at this point - pretty neat. Not exactly viral - but still neat, none the less.
I wonder if I do a video review for Cherry Berry - do you think they will give me free yogurt for a year? (In my dreams, but I do love that place!! :-) 

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