Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jury Duty

Jury Duty - it is our civic duty - right? I received my dreaded summons in the mail a few weeks ago and was so happy to see that it was for our local precinct and not "downtown". I was actually pretty excited about it.
So - this morning I got to sleep in - since I didn't have to be there until 9:30. I had time to stop by the grocery store - run by the bank - and still got there 20 minutes early. THANK GOODNESS! It was standing room only after I signed in. I set wedged between two girls on a hard bench waiting and waiting and then waiting some more. Looking around - 75% of the people are holding some form of technology in their hands - either a cell phone, Kindle, Nook - Ipad - and the other 25% either have a paper copy of something to read or are wishing they had an electonic something or another in their hands, as well. I had both - I switched from my phone to my Nook - just trying to pass the time away.  Finally - someone comes out and starts calling out names and we are to go into the court room and wait some more. I was in that list of names called. (all others are sent home)  Second row, number 5. The Baliff did another roll call to make sure we were all seated and accounted for. He gives us instructions to read over and then he retreats to the corner of the room and he buries his head in his cell phone - I can only imagine - Angry Birds? Suduko? Words with Friends? Who knows - he was a 60 + black man - just didn't quite fit the picture, but he was certainly wrapped up in whatever he was doing. We are left to  pick up where we left off out in the corridor - back to our cell phones and e-books. Time passes - and passes - grumblin's from all over - not a patient bunch here. I am really getting restless - because Young & Restless will be on in a few minutes - and we don't seem to be making progress here.
...and then - the Judge walks out and says she has good news - all cases have been dismissed and/or settled. Geesh - BUT we all get our $6 for our yeaaa --woohooo--

So - my very first case of jury duty - was a big fat fail. No case at all - half of the day wasted away - but I get the other half of the day to myself so not so bad after all. A trip to Starbucks - kind of makes up for the disappointment of the morning.

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