Saturday, February 25, 2012

L♥vin' My Nook Color

I bought my Nook Color back when they first arrived on the scene - with hard earned yard sale money, I might add! At the time they were $250.00 and I bought the 3 year insurance and a red leather cover  bringing it to a grand total of $350.00 with tax. Of course now you can get them for $199 and even $99 when you can find a good deal like 2 of my friends did. That is the way with technology - you get the latest coolest gadget and months later they are dirt cheap and making room for the next latest coolest gadget...oh well.

I do love my Nook Color - I am now on my 3rd cover for it - I wasn't too happy with the $25 red leather case - it scarred really easily - very disappointing. I bought a soft leather pink cover from e-bay and it wore out quickly...the magnet for the closure kept slipping making it hard to keep closed. I now have a pretty pretty pretty black, white and red leather case I found on e-bay ($17.99) and so far I love it!

I play Words with Friends on my NC - so much more fun than on my phone or PC - much more relaxing to kick back in my recliner and check out Facebook, Pinterest or whatever - since I have wi-fi.
I have my bible downloaded - I have read The Help, The Shack, Heaven Is For Real and countless freebie books from Barnes & Noble. I like the fact that I can download a book, magazine or game in a matter of seconds. I have Angry Birds, Aces Jewel, Slots and a few other games.
It is so easy to pack in my purse to take in the car - instead of draggin' my laptop - if I know I am going somewhere that has free wi-fi. I have spent many mornings at Starbucks - enjoying a skinny latte and surfin' the web. We went to a family reunion in Jellystone National Park over the summer and my NC is how I kept up with my e-mail using their free wi-fi. I was surprised how fast it was there.
So nice to be able to sit outside by the pool in the summer and enjoy a good book - one of my favorite things to do when I am on summer vacation.
I have a stylus to use with mine but I rarely use it. I keep a nice soft cleaning cloth in the inside pocket of my cover. (one for cleaning glasses)

If I could offer one piece of advice if you are thinking of getting an e-book, whether it be Nook or Kindle - get COLOR - don't settle for less. You will enjoy it so much more, no doubt. It is worth the extra money to have the vivid colorful pages come to life as you read or play.
I love my Nook Color. ♥♥♥

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