Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Skype to My Lou My Darlin'

I have been skyping with my middle grandangel, Brooklyn.  I helped my mom up  wi -fi, Skype, and a webcam  last week when I was in Arkansas during my Spring Break. Now when the girls are at my parents (their great grandparents) they can get on Skype and we can chit chat. Brooklyn has always been the one to text, call and write, so naturally she will be the main one who will Skype. Alayna (the oldest) will get on for a few minutes and then she is back to reading or watching TV. Lily will most likely use it regularly with help. Brooklyn already has it down to a fine art - she needs no help. Since the TV is always going and it is LOUD - she plugs in the headphones and I can do the talking and she will type her replies so she doesn't interrupt any one watching TV. Sometimes we both type  our chat - and it is kind of funny just watching each other. It is so awesome to be able to see the girls this way. Tonight - Lily colored a picture for me and showed it to me on camera. I bought Alayna some make up and was able to show it to her. I panned the camera around the room and showed them my newest fish aquariums. Last night I had 15 new baby fish and I was able to show them up close so they can see.

We are going to have so much fun skyping. Technology is a wonderful thing!

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