Wednesday, March 21, 2012

High Five For Friday

I am a wee bit late on my first High Five For Friday post, but that's ok!

I had such a funtastic week - it will be hard to narrow it down to my high 5! It was Spring Break -I was in Arkansas all week - but here goes!

1. Being with 4 of my grandangels....Alayna(12) Brooklyn (10) Lilypie (5) and Tucker (16 months)

2. Spending time with my daughter.

3. Shopping, playing dominoes and exercising with my mom

4. Teaching my grandangels how to make potato cakes and making a HUGE mess!

5. Spending 2 nights with my son and daughter in law.


  1. pam i am going next weekend to see him my blood sugar spiked to 501 n still not feeling up to par today its 164 which is much better but have nerve damage in feet now from it not being controled quicker..did'nt know me too is a carb and sweet eater n have stopped drinking diet soda's and gulpping tons of i know i am not well...overweight too but since drinking water loss 8pds..plz update me and keep me posted..i will do the same after i see barry...ty sooo much

  2. Does anyone know of his hours disable on oxygen...thanks much Keith

  3. I live in hot springs Arkansas I heard about a man in rosebud Arkansas that does iridologist I really trying to find his number to make an appointment and his name if anyone knows please let me know asap at or call 5017622512 thank you so much


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