Sunday, April 22, 2012

40 Days of Praise

Our church service today was so wonderful. We are beginning a new thing called 40 Days of Praise or Praise on Purpose.
This is the letter Pastor Jay gave the congregation to begin participation.

For the next 40 days, you are invited to participate in a time of dedicated, purposeful, praise to God. We are offering the following guide to help you focus on specific blessings and attributes of our Great God. We suggest you use this in the morning, noon and at night...Anytime is the right time to PRAISE THE LORD!!

Week 1
4 - 22 Praise on Purpose - Acts 16:16-40
4-23 Praise Him at all times - Psalms 34:1
4-24 Brag on God to someone else - Psalms 34:2
4-25 Praise Him - He watches and hears You - Psalms 34:15
4-26 Thank Him for deliverance - Psalms 34:7
4-27 Praise Him for saving you - Psalms 50:23
4-28 Count your blessings - Praise Him!! - Psalm 40:15

Each week we will get a new guide to help us through the week. It will be exciting to see what God has in store for us in the weeks to come.

Family bible that my parents bought when I was 7 years old.


  1. I LOVE this idea!! what a great way to see and live life....I know life is sweeter when we stop to contemplate our blessings.
    I am your newest follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can.

  2. Hey Pamela!

    I'm Amanda and I blog at Royal Daughter Designs. I am one of the co-hosts for the Networking Blog Hop and I wanted to stop by and say hello and thanks for linking up. I hope the hop was successful for you!

    I still have the Bible my parents gave me as a kid. Inscribed by my Dad. The cover is duct taped on (I'm from the country!) but I still love it!


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