Saturday, April 7, 2012

$54 Fruit? Oster Food Dehydrator Review

Back in the early 90's I received a dehydrator for Christmas and used it quite a bit at the time. I remember making jerky from deer meat and dehydrating pineapple and apple rings. As time went on and the new wore off - it ended up in a garage sale, I'm sure.

Now that I am trying to eat healthier, I thought I would invest in a new (and improved, I thought) dehydrator - so I went to Walmart and purchased their one and only  $42.00 Oster Food Dehydrator. Since I can not eat pineapples (gallbladder woes) and jerky is way too high in sodium to eat like I would like to eat it (terryaki) then I was going to stick to apples, tangerines, grapes and then some bananas for the hubs. So after about $12.00 in fruits - I sliced them all and put them in the dehydrator at 2:30 p.m. yesterday. I had forgotten how long it takes to dry out these fruits! The booklet said 12 - 16 hours. I got up at 1:30 a.m. and checked on everything - not even close. At 6:30 this morning - we were getting 8 a.m. (almost 17 hours later) we tasted a bit of everything. Grapes - they were ok but still VERY juicy. Apples and tangerines - they were ready but not that good - bananas - still had far to go - very chewy... But I could tell by the look on my husbands face - he wasn't diggin' them at all.

I turned the blasted thing off  and threw the banana chips in the trash. I bagged the grapes since I can eat them all in 2 days and they will be ok juicy. I bagged the apples/tangerines and maybe they will get eaten...we'll see.
For $54.00 this is what I got:

I cleaned the trays - boxed it up and it goes back to Walmart Monday. I can buy a whole lot of dried fruit for $54!!

I think I will buy a new coffee maker instead.

***(I did not receive payment for this review - this is my personal opinion based on my personal experience)


  1. Well that's disappointing huh?

  2. Yes, it was. Brad gave me his speech on how much energy that thing was pulling on electricity,

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