Friday, April 6, 2012

Move Over Diet Coke - I've Got a New Love

I have been looking for something to take the place of Diet Coke (which as you know in the South - includes Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Pepsi, all the caramel colored diet coke drinks.)
Today I finally found it - Diet Cherry 7 Up!
It is like a yummy sparkly cherried up flavored taste of heaven to my taste buds.
I am trying to go low sodium - and this is a good choice  -
30 mg sodium compared to 60 mg in a diet cherry Dr. Pepper.
ZERO calories, of course - ZERO carbs, of course - and No Caffiene...a BIG plus.

AND it has the buzz word ANTIOXIDANT across the label - that's gotta be good, right?

***(I did not receive payment for this review - this is my personal opinion based on my personal experience)


  1. Sounds good! I will have to get some to try it!

  2. I love it. I was so glad when they brought it back again.


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