Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bringing Back Childhood Memories

I have noticed lately that my sense of smell is bringing on a lot of childhood memories. I don't know why this is happening all of a sudden or may be I am just noticing it more. Maybe I am subconciously trying to revert back to my childhood - I don't know.

I wear Merle Norman foundation and have for years. When I was a teen I started my make up routine with Covergirl - pretty much everything from foundation to eye shadow was Covergirl. Thirty Five years ago they didn't have hundreds of name brands to choose from. Today I still wear Covergirl eyeshadows at times, maybe a lipstick here and there. I needed new powder and decided I would buy a compact of Covergirl powder that could hold me until I could get to a Merle Norman store. I found Creamy Natural just like I used to wear all those years ago, except that back then I only wore the liquid foundation in a tube. This morning when I was doing my make up routine and opened the compact for the first time  - I was transported right back to my teen years. The smell has not changed at all! I used to love that smell - although I had forgotten that. I remember my friends and I would all trade make up and put it on each other, we had such fun. It was a good memory.

Other scents that transport me back in time:

Cedar - my dad was a cabinet builder before he retired - his shop always had sawdust on the floor, his clothes smelled of cedar. I have several pieces of furniture he made for me and occasionally when I open a door or drawer I get a whiff of the cedar. I like walking through Home Depot or Lowes through the lumber area - always reminds me of my dad.

Noxema - oh my! My mom put lots and lots of Noxema on me for sunburns as a kid. If I find a jar I have to open it! I love that smell! You can find old empty Noxema jars in antique stores - that scent is still in the jar.

Loves Baby Soft Perfume - that was my very first perfume. I didn't even realize they still make it until I saw it on a shelf one day at one of the local shops. I got my first bottle when I was 13 years old. I used to spray my teddy bear with it that used to sit on my bed.

Sand & Sable perfume - my mom wore it for years until my dad started buying her White Diamonds. She still has an old bottle in her bathroom and when I go there I always spray a tiny bit on me.

I am sure there are many others but right now those are the ones that come to mind. It's nice to have good memories pop up - reminding you that the girl you used to be is still there within you.
The little girl in me

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  1. I love the scent of wet leaves on the ground - it transports me back in time right in my grandma's yard in the countryside. Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my Spring bedroom!


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