Monday, May 28, 2012

The Comfort of a New Comforter

I have a crazy obsession with new comforter sets. I have rarely had the same comforter set for longer than a year - I will find one I really like but I just grow tired of them, I guess. One time, when my room colors were dark brown, gold and green -  I had a chocolate brown microsuede and I liked it so well that as soon as it started losing its "new" look I ordered the very same one again. That was one gorgeous comforter set. Then I decided to go black and red...

The one I have on my bed now (above) - which is black and red -  I have made the comment many times that it is my all time favorite but in the past week I just keep finding my self looking at new ones. Today I found one that I think will be my new fav.
Another black and red - I really like the embroidered pattern on it.  I ordered it online - 7 piece set.

Now...what about the spare bedroom.......

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