Monday, May 28, 2012

The Good, Bad & Ugly

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Actually I had a pretty great weekend all the way around. Nothing spectacular.

Saturday - we did our usual running around. Breakfast at Jack in the Box - groceries at Walmart and lunch at Casa Ole. I got in the pool for the first time of the summer - still just a wee bit chilly, but I did it.
Sunday we had breakfast at Taco Cabana - then a great Sunday service at our church. I got in the pool again and it was a little easier this go round. I started working on a skirt for one of my grandangels and practiced guitar. I watched too much TV - as usual.

The Good -

Church - awesome awesome service - Pastor Jay is such a good preacher - love to listen to him and he is so annointed - God really uses him in a mighty way. Since we have been going there we have always sat on the right hand side of the church - and this Sunday we moved to the left - which was so much less distracting - we sat on the 3rd row from the front - much much better!

Eating out - which we love to do - I could eat out every meal - and Casa Ole is a place we could pretty much visit on a daily basis. I love their chips n' salsa.

I finished Redeeming Love - GREAT book. I highly recommend it.

I ordered a new bible cover  from ebay - it is so pretty! Can't wait to get it in. Mine was looking pretty bad.

The Bad -
Eating out (too much) I know - I just said it was The Good - but sometimes I feel a little guilty that we do eat out so much - I should cook more, we should eat healthier, spend our money more wisely - but we sure do love it!

The Ugly - I did get a little sunburned. I used 50 SPF - and still burned just a little.

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  1. I love to eat out. I am not really much for cooking.


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