Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Mom ♥♥♥

Being 500 miles away from my mom - makes it kind of hard on Mother's Day - (and every other day of the year) but I am thankful I do have my mother still on this earth. She may be 71 but she is computer savvy enough to Skype, e-mail, Facebook and occasionally reads my blog. She can text and she plays Words with Friends with me and that gives us many ways to feel like she is not quite so far away.

In the summer she spends 2 weeks here in Texas and I always look forward to our time together. We get in a lot of shopping, go to several movies, lay out by the pool and float in the water - yes, she is still struttin' her stuff in her swimwear. She wears an ankle bracelet and some times she even wears a toe ring. We always get a mani/pedi while she is here and we just have a good time.

This year I sent her this sweet arrangment for Mothers' Day. I love it and I knew she would as well. I got it through 1-800-flowers.

It is just adorable!!

I love my mom, she is a good Christian lady and I couldn't be more proud of her.

Happy Mother's Day to all of those who are blessed to be called "mom" and who have mom's that are both here and in heaven.

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  1. hi pamela!!

    Thank you for following and for your comment :) I now follow you too!! I love your sense of humor-the header on your blog. I love shopping, i think im addicted! lol. In fact, im going to target on saturday with my mom!! hahaha. do you have a ton of cute shoes? i used to love wearing little heels and wedges, but over the last few years my ankles have turned more on to their side because of my physical disease and im always sitting down (and i refuse to wear leg braces! my fault, ive tried em) soo i only wear flip flops or i am bare foot, which i love anyways, but i shoes are such a outfit completer! hahaha

    have a good evening!

    britt :)


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