Friday, May 25, 2012

High 5 for FRIDAY~~

Happy Friday, Ya'll!
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Another day closer to the ending of the school year! The students are crazy restless. They know that grades are done - it is just babysitting time now - the teachers are so ready for next week. Can't say that I blame them! Now comes my most stressful time - getting all the report cards done - along with all the other "end of year" stuff so we can close our office for the summer. Parents are calling like crazy to see if their lil' darlin's are going to summer school, how many awards do they get, where do they rank, etc. We are one busy office this time of year.

Still - it has been a good week and I have many things to be thankful for.

1. Today is my mom and dad's 53rd anniversary. This picture was taken from their 50th anniversary. I am thankful to still have both of my parents still living and under the same roof.  

2. My guitar lessons are going great! I am actually playing a couple of songs now, you may not be able to recognize them (lol) but they are really and truly songs!

3. We have made the decision to join the church we have been attending since February. We love the church people, - we feel this is where God wants us to be. The pastor and his wife are awesome people.

4. My Scentsy giveaway has ended and we have a WINNER! Jessica Castro- I have sent you an e-mail, Jessica - please get in touch with me within 48 hours. thanks to everyone  who entered! There were 732 entries total.

5. If you read my post Time To Rant - Not On A Diet - then you know I am back to eating sweets - and I have lost back down from 156 to 150! I knew that denying myself all the good stuff was the culprit! :-) I was eating every thing in sight just to try to make up for it!

I hope your week was a good one - and you can find at least 5 things that made it GREAT.


  1. Yaaay! I am so excited y'all are joining the church!!!

  2. Hi Pamela, thanks for commenting on my blog :-)
    Congratulations to your parents - what a wonderful achievement!

  3. Glad your parents can still live independently. My life is extremely overwhelming with caring for mine...but I will make it through!


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