Sunday, May 13, 2012

Proud to be called "Mom"

I have 2 wonderful children - all grown up - but still MY children. I love them both with all my heart. 
Shane is 32 years old - he has a beautiful wife, Krissy - and together they have given me 3 gorgeous granddaughters - Alayna (12), Brooklyn (10), and Lily Rose (5). He is an electrician and taken bible classes as he knows God is calling him for a purpose and he wants to be ready and able to do God's will.
Robin is 26 years old - she has a handsome husband, Joshua - and they have a little miracle boy named Tucker - who is already a little heartbreaker with big blue eyes, blonde hair and the cutest smile ever!

Over the years I have gotten beautiful cards, funny cards and just plain simple cards but the things I will always cherish the most are the handmade cards and trinkets they each made in their younger years. I remember both of them coming home from school with cards made from handprints and thumbprints. Those things are packed away in a large heirloom chest that hold our keepsakes that we want to keep safe.  There are a few things that I still keep out.
Bean necklace Shane made in kindergarten

Memory Book Robin made in 2007

Little recipe book Robin made in kindergarten
Poem written by Robin & submitted to local newspaper
when she was 6 years old

The following poem was written by Shane when he was 14.

Mother of The Year Award
When it comes to mothers there is no othere
cause you tucked me in my Raggedy Ann cover.

You picked me up when I fell down
cause you know I hate to hit the ground.

On a scale of 1  to 10 you're a 10 no doubt
cause your the best mother on this earth about.
Your pretty, funny, smart, sharper than a sword
That's why you deserve the Mother of the Year award.

These are all precious gifts to me.
I am thankful God placed them both in my life. I love them - I pray for them - I am proud of the people they have become. I am blessed.


Thank you both for the greatest gift of all


  1. My hubbies mom has almost all the things he made her! SO sweet!

  2. Happy Mothers Day Mom! I love you!!


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