Friday, May 11, 2012

Scentsy Review - YuMmO

Scentsy Review:

I received an e-mail from a lovely lady in Houston, AJ Martinez, asking me if I would like to review some of the Scentsy products and I (ofcourse!) jumped on that with both feet!
She sent me a beautiful, large size zebra print Scentsy warmer and 3 different scent bars. Cherry Vanilla, Cherry Raspberry and Lavender. I have to say - I LOVE the Cherry Vanilla  and the Cherry Raspberry. I wasn't too sure about the French Lavendar at first, but it does have a more subtle scent - not really as strong as a lot of lavander candles I have tried in the past. All 3 bars are such pretty colors and it makes such a nice addition to the decor.
I don't think I will be using regular candles any more - this is the way to go.

There have been a couple of times in my life where I accidently left a candle burning when I left the house - not that I would intentionally leave a Scentsy warmer on if I were leaving - but I wouldn't be near as fearful if I did. Of course you should always turn them off and not leave them unattended. I am just saying I wouldn't have an OMG feeling if I came home and had forgotten it like I would if it were a wick candle.

I have mine set up in the living room which is a pretty good size room. The kitchen is right  off the living room and the scent carries right along in there as well as to the master bedroom.
**Check out the little heart relection the light made on the wall - ♥♥♥ that says it all!

Ok...check out these Scentsy Buddies - I am in love with them all! This is just a small showing - there are even more and then there are Baby Scentsy Buddies!! Not only that - you can register them and play games with them - a whole website dedicated to them for your child to play! These are recommended for ages 3 and up - but I want one for myself! I will just have to decide which one. You just put the little scentsy pack inside the little buddy. Awesome!!

Then there are these cute little plug in warmers. How cute are they!? again, I am only showing a small handful - there are many to choose from.I am loving the zebra one that matches my large one.

I am certainly sold on Scentsy - I have gone through my last Yankee Candle and last bag of pot pourri. One large Yankee Candle is around $20.00 (on sale) and doesn't last long at all when you burn candles daily. So Scentsy is more bang for you buck, no doubt. The scent of pot pourri never lasts long in my opinon.
AJ has a nicely done website - I definitely recommend you check it out.

AJ has also offered a very special giveaway of a midsize warmer with 3 Scentsy bars - so stay tuned for that to be showing up on my blog soon.  
Thank you, AJ Martinez - Scentsy Representative - I LOVE my Zebra Scentsy warmer and I think I am going to say my favorite of the bars is Cherry Vanilla! I can't wait to try some more scents soon!

What is your favorite Scentsy Scent?


  1. I love my scentsy - I buy all the spicy smells.

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