Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday 13 - Random Facts about Me

Thursday 13 - linking up with All Things Lovely with
Random Facts About Me

1. If I had been born a boy my name would have been Charles Allen.

2. I weighed 98 pounds when I graduated high school.

3. I have had my ear pierced at the top 3 different times and it would never heal properly so I finally gave up.

4. My first car was a red 1968 Malibu and I paid for it 100% myself.

5. I order my Starbucks coffee @ 190 degrees (that is as hot as they are allowed to make it)

6. I was the only cheerleader in my squad that couldn't do the splits.

7. I have been in 2 beauty pageants as a teen - the first time I was in the top 5 finalist. The second time I was 2nd runner up.

8. I used to wear colored contacts - I wore aqua, blue, emerald green and lavendar - depending on my mood. I would still do it today but they don't make them for 30 day wear. ( My fav were aqua)

9. I used to have 4 pairs of glasses - purple, red, green, blue - to match whatever I was wearing (late 80's - early 90's - CRAZY)

10. My whole family square danced when I was a teenager. I loved it. We were called The Rebel Reelers.

11. I have never tasted buttermilk and never will.

12. I have watched every episode of I Love Lucy many many times.

13. I saw Titanic at the movie theater 4 times when it first came out - bought the movie, watch it on TV when it comes on  and then saw it in 3D recently.


  1. Hey Love! Thanks for linking up :)

    You know...I tried to pierce my belly-button twice and it would never heal right either so I just gave up too.

    I wish I had four pairs of glasses! That'd be perfect, 1 for every mood!

  2. LOL so did I! I debated on whether putting that one in - only I did it one time - it just would not heal! thanks for commenting!


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