Friday, June 1, 2012

Bath & Body Product Winnings - Review!! {from Wonderfully Messy Mom}

One of the free giveaways that I won was some great HOME MADE bath  & body products - I received them today and I just couldn't wait to do a review!

Brandy from Wonderfully Messy Mom hosted the giveaway and she is also the creator of these wonderfully made products.

Although there are many scents to choose from - this is what I picked

Lemon Sherbert Sugar Scrub
Peppermint Cuticle Cream
Honey Lip Balm
Amber Romance Bath Bag
I even got a cool magnet with all her info on it.

What did I think about them?

First thing I opened was the lip balm. Every one that knows me knows that I am a little OCD about lip balm. I have some in my purse, car, every room of the house, in with my pool stuff, desk - they are all over the place. Once my husband bought me a 10 pack as a joke for Christmas - but the joke was on him  - I loved it! Anyway - I love the honey lip balm! I have it on now and I have dropped it right into my purse.

Next I opened the body scrub - ummmmm, It is my FAV. The scent is just scrumptious! Brandy sent me a stir stick so I gave it a good stir and then used on my hands on up to my elbows. A W E S O M E! It has been about an hour and I still can smell the lemony yum!!

Then I put a dab of the peppermint cuticle cream around each nail - wow - I was just a wee bit careful because I have a gazillion paper cuts right now from stuffing report cards and end of year stuff in a bazillion envelopes - but it didn't sting one bit! Very cool, Brandy! I like it!!

Only thing left to do is try out the Bath Bag - but I will have to save that one. I have to say it sure smells good!

I highly recommend taking a look see at what Brandy has to offer.

I am so thrilled I won! :-)

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  1. Thank you for the great review!! I hope you continue to enjoy your prizes!!


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