Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blog Angel Reveal

Thanks to Rosie and Katlyn I was able to participate with them in the month long Blog Angel project. This is a fun scheme set up to help a fellow blogger anonymously, which is a lot harder than one would think. If you participated - I look forward to reading about what you did for your angel and hopefully by you sharing, I will learn other ways to help out my next one, as I believe they will be making this a regular event.

Now the time has come for the BIG REVEAL!

My Blog Angel for the month of June was Shasta from the blog In The Old Road.

Now the cool thing is - she has several ways to follow her blog - so that part was easy. I follow through GFC, Linky, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and even  Pinterest.
I have her button on my blogs. Another fun thing is she has really good Blog Link Ups - All Star Block Party and I happily participate in each one and I have tweeted. I have been commenting on many of her posts - I hope I have been encouraging!

Be sure and check out Shasta's blog, read her story - she is an amazing woman and mother. 

My final blog angel act for Shasta - I sent her an e-mail this morning before completing this post letting her know I have chosen her for the Shining The Light On You Award that I created. I hope she enjoys it and knows that it is well deserved. 

Shasta - I am glad you were given to me as my angel and I hope we can become good friends. I will continue reading your posts and keeping up with your life and linking up to your block parties. Thanks for hosting such a great party.


  1. Amazing job! Shasta will be chuffed to bits I am sure. Thanks for taking part. Hope to see you again in August.

    Rosie xx

  2. Thank you my new bloggy bff! You were a great blog angel...I'm very surprised and pleased.


  3. I'm a new follower from the hop! You had me at shoes, so I'm looking forward to more from you! I hope you stop by and follow back!


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