Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Monday - A New Week - Gallbladder Free!

Wow - it is totally amazing what one week away from your blog will do. I feel so lost! I had my gallbladder surgery Tuesday, June 12th - and I have been away from my computer all of this time other than playing Words with Friends on my Iphone or Nook Color - checking e-mail occasionally or checking in with Facebook, basically whining about my pain or how yucky I have felt. I just wasn't able to sit up at my computer at all and my laptop was just too uncomfortable to deal with and besides - I just felt awful.

So what have I missed?
Well...I had 9 new Twitter followers - 20 plus comments to approve for my blog - 18 Youtube video comments to approve, 65 work e-mails to read, plus tons of new blog postings to catch up on - I may be sitting here all day! I am so behind on all my linky parties - and of course I have no new crafts to share :-( for my sewing/craft blog

It is no fun being this behind! I didn't realize how much I would miss the blog world! But the good news is I am back - I am ready to hit it - and I am enjoying catching up with all the fun posts that I have missed!

Gallbladder surgery is no fun. It is amazing to me just how many people I talked to before I had the surgery that told me how it was a piece of cake- no problem at all - you will feel so much better- yadda yadda yadda - then the same people confirmed just how I felt afterwards - oh yea, they cried for days, they thought they were dying, it was horrific - it is like they "remembered" just how bad it really was AFTER I had the surgery. Really? wow - but as my son said - it is probably a good thing I didn't know how bad it was going to be or I may not have gone through with it.

Anyway - the worst is over - I can at least sit up in my chair, walk pretty much normal and I am out of that blasted recliner again. I don't have a pillow pressed to my belly and I can almost sleep in a normal position - maybe tonight? Let's hope.

Happy Monday, ya'll.


  1. I am sure nobody told you so they wouldn't scare you away from it! Glad you are feeling better!

  2. I am sure nobody told you how bad it was because they didn't want to scare you! Glad you are feeling better!


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