Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hey...It's Ok!

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Hey, it's Ok!

...that I have to have Miley at the vet in 55 minutes and I am still sitting here blogging away.

...that I have my mom's wreath that I promised only 1/2 way done and I will be seeing her in 8 more days.

...that I have not cooked a single meal in 9 days.

...that I have company coming Monday and I haven't even thought about what to feed them for the 2 days they will be here.

...that I have been staying up past midnight every night since I am off work for the summer.

...that I went to the movies all by myself this week and REALLY enjoyed it! (Rock of Ages)

...that I use my Nook Color for Words with Friends more than for reading.

...that I have been reading the same book for 3 weeks now.

I am thankful for:
my sweet hubby - I love him more than anything - he is so good to me! He loves that I have my summer break and he just wants me to enjoy it. I can cook or not - clean or not - dress up or put on make-up or not - he loves me for who I am.


  1. This is a great post! It reminds me of the ones I read in Glamour magazine! And I don't ever cook so a 9 day streak? You are good! First time visiting, hope you'll stop by and would you like to follow each other?

  2. I have secretly always wanted to go to a movie by myself. I just might now. : ]

  3. Love this!!


    Have a fabulous day! xo

  4. Hey Pamela! Thanks for your comment on my blog re-do! I am following you here also!

    I am also off this summmer...1st time in almost 10 years. I am lovin every minute of it!!

  5. Hey Pamela!
    I am following here now...thanks for looking at my blog re-do!

    I am off this summer also! Lovin every minute!

  6. Seriously 9 days without cooking a meal? I think you could blog your secret tip's for being able to get away with that. I think there would be a mutiny here if I tried that.


  7. Hey Pam,
    I tried to reply to the comment you left on my blog but you are a no reply blogger. What that means is when you leave a comment and it goes to the bloggers email, when they hit reply they can't..... you will never get the reponse because it goes to no-reply blogger. Go here to get the fix, cause I want you to get every single comment I send your way!



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