Saturday, June 2, 2012

Luau Fort - Tiki Style

Every summer we have the 2 oldest grandangels here for 2 weeks (along with my mom) and we try to make it as memorable as possible (for all of us). This year - it is going to be a little different. Our youngest girl grandangel will be coming with the middle one - the oldest has too many things going on this summer with camps, etc.

Bradley, aka Pepaw - has decided they need a fort - so of course I (also known as Grammie) have been declared interior (out-terior?) decorator.
Pepaw put up bamboo around the palm trees and I went to the Dollar Tree and bought all kinds of cute decorations. We put everything up just to see how it would look and I took a pic to share.
We have cute flamingo and parrot plates and napkins, Tiki Mask mugs, Inflatable parrots, leis and Tiki Mask decorations. This will be a fun place to eat their snacks when we are out in the pool.

I have put everything away for now - they won't be here until June 30th.


  1. Hi Pamela - this is so cute - will make your visit so special and memorable.
    Thanks for visiting my little blog project and leaving a comment. Linky following you now!!

  2. New follower from Foley Family hop. Love for you to follow back and link up to Mom's Monday Mingle. Love to have you!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  3. Thats fun! They will love that!

  4. What a great idea! I love it, and I love your blogs :-)

    Cindy (aka Cinderella!!)

  5. with 3 hawaiian kiddos i have no excuse NOT to do this! thanks for idea.


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