Saturday, June 23, 2012

Moody Gardens - Our Fun Day - In Photos

We had a really great day at Moody Gardens. Some of the highlights: Bodies Revealed Exhibit, Rainforest Exhibit, a ride on The Colonel Paddlewheel Boat, 3D Tornado Alley, 4D Wizard of Oz and Aquarium Exhibit.

Hubby holding a Starfish before the guide told us "you can't do that!"
A turtle in sick bay
Getting ready to board the Colonel Paddlewheel boat
This is a nice leisure ride - they give a little Galveston history. It wasn't too hot once we were moving, but they do have a/c inside.
Taken while on the boat
On the boat
and My Bradley again - still on the boat
Bodies Revealed - an exhibit of the human body - all systems. Very neat!

...and a little creepy at the same time.

The female body
The male body
I don't know why every single male body was complete and the one and only female body didn't have arms or legs...hmmmm that figures, huh?

Feeding time in the Rainforest
Gorgeous colors on these birds
This one was huge and he just walked up to us. There was a lady with a long dress on with the same colors in the dress as this bird and he was very interested in her!

The butterflies were beautiful. They would just land on you like you were a big flower!

4 D Experience - 18 minute sensory experience with Wizard of Oz. I loved this! you feel wind, rain, a few light jabs in the back - I jumped a couple of times. There were smells, too - but not sure what they were  - it was fun, tho.

With our 4D glasses - waiting for it to start.

The we watched a 45 minute 3D presentation of Tornado Alley on the IMAX screen, which was pretty cool.

These are the last of my horrible pictures - today we bought a Nikon Coolpix - too bad I didn't have it for this day!

Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY! 


  1. how interesting!! this exhibit came to our IMAX and was protested b/c the bodies were actual humans.

  2. Ahhh I love Galveston! Looks like yall had a real nice time!

    However, I've never been to Moody expensive was it to get in? I love just sitting on The Strand people watchin!!

  3. looks awesome! I can't wait to take our little down that direction! We will wait until it cools off, I know we are frying here in West Texas so I can just imagine what it's like with ya'lls humidity! ughhhh


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