Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Traveling 500 Miles with Kids - Fun Bags For The Road

Every year instead of Brad and I going on a big vacation for ourselves - we drive 500 miles to Arkansas and get my mom and the 2 oldest granddaughters. The oldest is almost 13 and we have been doing this since she was 3 1/2, but that year - she was the only one - I had her all to myself for 2 full weeks. We had so much fun. Since that year - we have included my mom - so Brooklyn's first trip - she was 3 1/2. She is almost 11 now. Sooooooo this year - it all changes - Alayna will not make the trip - instead Lily - the youngest of the 3 girls - who is 5 - will be making the trip, her first time. (We are hoping that Alayna will be making a trip for Christmas - if we can work out the arrangements for her to fly back) There just isn't any feasible way for every one to be able to come. My SUV only holds 5 - and Brad drives a truck. We looked into renting a van or Expedition - but the rental cost was CRAZY and we would have to do it twice since we take them back as well. One of us could go alone to pick them up - but that just isn't smart either. So this is just what has to be.

Every year I buy them each some kind of tote bag and I fill it with goodies to keep them entertained on the road. It is a long 9 hours.

The bags are from Petsmart - from Think Twice which donates to a pet charity through Petsmart. 
This one is Brooklyn's:
 There are several kinds of magazine, word search, a couple of pre-teen books, candies, mints, sunglasses, card making kit, a couple of easy road games and a pencil pouch with crayons, color pencils and markers.

This one is Lily's:

There are coloring books, a book with games, a little doll, sunglasses, candies, mints, sticker books, stickers, crayons and puzzle books.

This is one thing the older girls always looked forward to - it is funny that we are starting back to square one with Lily  after a few years of filling the bags with things for older kids. 

This year with Lily we will be back to kiddie movies, floaties for the pool, Dora and Spongebob. I am really looking forward to it. 
We leave Friday morning at 7 a.m. and then will spend one night at my parents - turn right around and head home with our little crew Saturday morning and then have 2 full fun filled weeks!

Brooklyn is excited about doing some "What's in my purse" videos - "What I Wore" photos for me to post on my blog along with mine - and all the crafts she knows I have planned. Lily has no clue what is in store for her but I know we will be making some really great memories!

Stay tuned!


  1. What a great idea! You are an awesome grandma!

  2. This is just too cool! I love you ideas, but I'm so sorry the oldest cannot go this year. It's sad that things have to change, but the memories never do!


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