Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lily's Dinosaur Madness

On one of our days out and about we went to the Antique and Craft Mall where Lily found this awesome mechanical dinosaur that she fell in love with. She basically told me that if she had this dinosaur she would be happy forever and she would never cry again.  It seriously was the cutest thing. It moved its head, made eating sounds, cried out, just cute cute cute. It was also expensive expensive expensive. Needless to say, the dinosaur is still at the Mall - and Lily was a sad little girl for a little while - or at least until she found the next thing that she loved - and Grammie could afford. (lol)
Below is her sad face...

IF you would like to see the video - it is really cute - here is the LINK and if I would have been able to get the dinosaur home I may have given in to her - but there was no way we could get it to her house -- I knew my SUV was going to be packed to the gills as it was when it was time to return them back to Arkansas - no way this little guy could have tagged along!


  1. Aww she looks so sad in the pic. Poor baby.


  2. She was pretty pitiful - lol


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