Thursday, August 2, 2012

Saying Goodbye to my Parson's Bench

Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye to a piece of furniture when it has been around for so many years. This Parson's Bench has been in many houses in 2 states. It has sat on several front porches, foyers and in spare bedrooms. It has held backpacks, homemade pillows, teddy bears and dolls. It has been stained, painted red, brown and baby blue.
 For all it has been through it is still as sturdy as a rock. I have owned this bench for almost 30 years. The lady I bought it from owned it for twenty. I don't know what church, if any, it ever sat in, but I am sure it could tell some tales.

On its last day today - it sat in my sewing/craft room, covered in pillows that I made - and I felt it was taking up much needed space. I want a drop leaf table and in order for me to have room for one, something had to go. The Parson's Bench lost.

I put it on Craigslist and it sold right away for $50. The lady that bought it has 2 little kids and she wanted it to put in her foyer for them to keep their backpacks on so they could just pick them up when heading out the door - aww - that brings tears to my eyes! She loved the colors and said it matches perfectly with a wardrobe she has that it will sit next to and it has the same color knobs. It is like it was meant to be.

I did get teary eyed as she drove away - I never even thought about it until we were loading it up - all the memories I have that include that bench and then I had to find some of the pictures of my babies as they grew up with this bench.
1986 - my son rockin' a mullet at 6 years old
Easter - 1993 - he was 13 - my daughter was 6 years old

I know, it is just a bench - but sometimes we do get attached to things - thank goodness for memories!


  1. I know you hated to see it go, and I too have favorite pieces of furniture that have so many memories, but aren't we thankful for all those wonderful memories that were made. Can you imagine all the new stories and memories you will have with your new drop leaf table. :)

  2. I hear ya, some things hold lots of memories! Wish I had known, been looking for one. I bet it has found a good home!


  3. At least it's going to a good home!

  4. It's hard to let go, but so nice when you know it will be in a loving home.

    I found you at the TGIF Blog Hop and am following you. Have a good weekend.

  5. Awww, I couldn't have let it go. It must have been painful. Finally found you to follow back from the hop! Have a great weekend!

  6. thanks for sharing.


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