Friday, September 21, 2012

HIgh 5 for Friday


Happy Friday once again~~linking up to Lauren Form My Grey Desk

Such nicer weather - I am lovin' it!

Top High Fivers for the week...

Brad's preowned iphone had a problem that could not be fixed and when I called about it - it just so happened to be the 14th day - so thankfully we got in just under the wire for him to get another iphone...whewww - close call!!

I sold 15 necklaces to one person and 2 to another one - from my etsy shop...pretty excited about that!

I won a  $25 giftcard to Vinyl Expressions - I picked out all tee shirt iron on vinyl. I have NO idea what I will do with it all - but I will figure something out!

I got a commitment from a local grocery store to donate to our church food pantry - I go back Monday to talk to the manager again. I have no idea how much or what - but anything will be great! This is something that I feel God is leading me to help with - I would love to see the pantry full all the time.

Down 4 pounds this week - I will probably be back up by the end of the weekend - but hey, I am enjoying it while it

Bonus - I got to see the space shuttle, Endeavor - twice this week! Very cool sight to see!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. what a good week! that is so exciting about your etsy shop!!

  2. Pamela, I think you have One Lovely Blog and nominated you! See my blog for more details. Hope you're enjoying your Friday!! :-)


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