Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Social - Blog Hop - End of Summer

Sunday Social

1. What was your favorite trip/vacation/activity this summer?
Having my mom and 2 of my grandangels here for 2 weeks - it is always the highlight of my summer! We go to Arkansas and bring them back with us for 2 fun filled weeks and then take them home again.

2. Favorite outfit look of the summer/clothing item?
These are my favorite shorts when I leave the house - a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt khakis. I just change up the top. Around the house I wear boxers and t-shirts.
3. What is one thing you wish you had gotten to do this summer?
Spend more time with my daughter and grandson. We only got to stay with them one night and that was on the way back after taking mom and the girls home. Usually they get to come here and spend a couple of days but since she started a new job at the beginning of summer - she didn't get any time off for a long weekend. I miss this little guy. I only get to see him while skyping.

4. Favorite Song of the Summer? Newsboys  - God's Not Dead (Roarin' Like A Lion)

5. Favorite movie/tv show of the summer? Katy Perry Part of Me - because it was just Brooklyn and I and we had so much fun. I don't get to do too many things one on one - so it was extra special.



  1. Khaki shorts are totally my go to item in the summer :)

  2. love those shorts on you! so classic and versatile!

    Happy Labor day weekend! Drop by and say hello!

  3. Those shorts are adorable! New follower.

  4. I love the Sunday Social. It's always fun to link up with them.

    Thanks for stopping by the Social Link Up I hosted also. It's greatly appreciated. Have a Happy Labor Day. :)

    Gwen @

  5. Love it, love it, love it! Your blogs are so fun, and you have the cutest clothes, and you look incredible in them I might add! Your grandangels are adorable. Praying for you as you get started back at school. Remember...get out there and get your feet wet! Love you girl.

  6. Found you on T.G.I.F. Bloghop! Great page and pictures! ~ Mommy Needs A Break

  7. Love your outfits in this post--those are EXACTLY the type of clothing I prefer--nice to see we have the sane style! Following you back from the GFC blog hop!


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