Friday, October 26, 2012

High 5 For Friday

Happy Friday, Ya'll
Linking up with Lauren

Happy Dance♪♫♪Happy Dance♪♫♪

*A sweet friend from church gave me this beautiful Vera Bradley bag - she noticed mine and told me she had the same style at home but really didn't care for it and offered it to me. Of course I said YES and was willing to buy it from her - but she is such a sweet spirit - she gave it to me. I ♥ my new purse and I ♥ my friend!

I have my new sidebar up! I love it! Thanks to Aubrey and her beautiful designs at The Kinch Life Designs

*I found a really cute stuffed owl pattern and plan to make 6 of them for all my grands this weekend. I have already cut them all out. I found it at    Happy Hour Projects
I plan to make mine about 3 times this size.

*I was able to give blood - for the first time in a LONG time! without ANY problems whatsoever.

*I spent almost an hour talking to my son on the phone and Skyped with my daughter & grandson twice. 

Looking forward to the "cold front" coming in today. 

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