Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Power of Prayer

Every time there is a blood drive - I really want to give blood. They actually set up at our school and I have tried many times - only a couple of times in the past have I actually been able to give blood and those times I still got sick to my stomach or super lightheaded. There always seems to be an issue...anxiety level is too high (fear of needles) iron too low - blood pressure too high and the worse was last year - I actually made it to the point of giving - and they had to redo the needle twice and my blood would not flow fast enough - 45 minutes total - and all they got was a 1/4 of a bag and it had to be discarded - it just wouldn't work. That was the time that Tucker, my grandbaby - was having surgery and I desperately wanted to give in his name - even though he wouldn't be able to use it since he was a state away - I wanted someone to have it in his honor.

This time around - I was determined!
Today was the day! Beforehand, I prayed - I asked God to be there with me - to set everything the way it needed to be in order for me to give blood today! I even annointed my own arm with oil in prayer - and the very finger they pricked was the finger that I used for the oil - I never felt it one iota! I didn't even know when she pricked me. Then - every thing was perfect...130/80 blood pressure - check! 43 iron - check! 90 pulse - check! Good to go...

I even got to sit in the nice big lounge chair that is for platelet givers - just because it was available at the time - and then when she put the needle in for the draw - didn't feel it either! No pain and 10 minutes later - ALL DONE...
now that is the God I serve!

(and I got a pretty cool Tee Shirt out of it, too!)


  1. I love this post - I have always had trouble giving blood too! God works in truly amazing ways! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. You are amazing! I gave blood once and it totally freaked me out, but reading this makes me want to do it again!

  3. That is so wonderful!! God is so good!
    I'm stopping by from "I love my post" blog hop.

  4. What a great reminder. I need to do this. I'm so glad you have found you through the life in a breakdown blog hop


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