Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

This has been a wild week - seriously wild week for me. I was out of town from Sunday until Wednesday for a conference for work and now that it is Thursday - I am leaving again for the Fall Women's Retreat and will be home Saturday. That is a lot of comin' and goin' for me!

It's Ok that I am just a little overwhelmed right now - trying to pack, unpack - repack.

It's Ok that I am  really wanting an ipad right now - my Nook Color just doesn't cut it after using one of my friends ipad this week.

It's Ok that the best thing about the conference was the Premium Outlet Mall - I made 3 trips to the Vera Bradley store and came out each time with a purchase. I bought a purse, wallet, sunglasses, case and flip flops. They had 30% off and I had so much fun picking out all my new pieces. Here is my favorite purchase. Slate Blooms pattern that I L♥VE.

It's Ok that I am a little perturbed at myself for not getting the checkbook cover and e-reader case I wanted. 

It's Ok that every VB purchase is a different pattern - I think I may have 2 pieces in my entire collection of the same pattern . 

It's Ok that I still have to work 3 hours before leaving for the retreat - it will fly by because I have so much to do since I have already missed 3 days this week.

I am looking forward to life back to normal - it has been a good week but I am a homebody at heart and ready to get back to my own thing.


  1. that's the pattern of my Vera Bradley lunch box! :)

    happy thursday!
    xo, sarah grace

  2. I love the bag pattern too. Have fun on the retreat!


  3. I love your pattern I wouldj also love if you would hop over to my blog and grab my new button I have yours on mine. hugs

  4. I like that pattern as well....very cute and looks so Fall-ish. So glad the first trip went well, and hope you have lots of fun this weekend! I bet you're going to walk away feeling so uplifted and renewed. Enjoy it and be safe~

  5. Hi Pamela! I FINALLY put up my awards blog thanking you for the award and a few others. I also nominated you for the Sisterhood World Blogger Award--please visit my site and grab the award badge plus leave a comment on the site to let me know you got it! Congrats!


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