Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Cross at Kerrville, Texas

This weekend I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Fall Women's Retreat in Kerrville, TX - with some of the best gals around. While there we went to see The Cross in the Sculpture Prayer Garden at Kerrville.

* It is 77'7" and an awesome sight to behold.  It attracts people to Kerrville from around the world. Miracles have occurred. Signs and wonders are confirming Jesus Christ is God.
The reddish brown Cor-ten Steel Cross was erected on 7/27/10. The visible Glory of God appears (Ex 34:29 & Isa 60:1) and round Angel Orbs have been photographed. (Ez 1:15)

 When my group got to the cross - there was a large group of men there who were having services - what was most amazing is that what was being preached was the same thing that was being presented to us at our retreat. After some "high 5's" with some of the guys - we stood at the foot of the cross and had our own prayer time. It was a time I will never forget!

*Taken from the pamphet produced by The Coming King Foundation.
If you would like to read more about The Cross or take a virtual tour - go to this website

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  1. Wow...I have chills just listening to you describe it. So glad you had a great trip and made it safely home.


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