Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
Another Thursday - a pretty good week so far!

Last night, of course, was Halloween - which I spent at church - so I didn't have any trick or treaters. I saw plenty of them on the streets - and my church had a huge party - so I saw lots of action there, too.

So ....

It's Ok that I didn't give out any candy - I live in a subdivision that really goes all out for holidays - so I am sure our neighboring kids got more than they needed in  the way of sugar!

It's Ok that I gave in to a peanut butter crave last night - at 10 p.m. no less! I probably had at least 500 calories worth of peanut butter, but it sure was good!

It's Ok to seriously want a blinged out keyboard and mouse from Hobby Lobby. Seriously! (for work AND home)

 It's Ok that I AM going to get me a blinged out keyboard and mouse - just watch me!

It's Ok that I am NOT missing having a dog in my home for the first time in my whole life. 

It's Ok that I get a little paranoid when my iphone battery goes below 70%. I get made fun of this from my friends. Ok, so I AM a little anal at times.

It's Ok that I can't wait to see my little Tucker Boo (and daughter and son in law) this weekend - but sure dread the 8 hour drive.

It's Ok that we lose an hour of sleep this weekend - Fall Back - I am a morning person anyway!

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