Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's Ok Thursday

Not really excited about it being Thursday. That just means one day closer to my winter vacation ending. :-(
What makes it worse and it is really NOT OK - is I have been sick most of this week. Infact, I didn't leave the house from Sunday until Wednesday. (but that part is ok - I really didn't mind.)

It's OK - that I spent 48 hours watching the Twilight Zone Marathon - which I do every year and yes, I have seen every single episode many times - and that is OK, too.

It's Ok - that I didn't do a blasted thing New Year's Eve  - I just didn't feel like it.

It's Ok - that I was in bed at 11:30 NYE - at that point I didn't really see the need in making it that last 30 minutes - nope, didn't feel like it!

It's Ok - that we took in 2 movies - back to back this week. We saw The Guilt Trip (which was hilarious) and Les Miserables (which was ok)

It's Ok - that I just don't get the big fuss over Les Miserables - sure it had beautiful scenary, good singing, great actors - but geesh - I guess I am just not really into musicals (unless it is GREASE - then I am way into it! at least I can SING all those songs!) and it was WAY TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Happy Thursday - hope every one is having a great one!


  1. I love these posts! Visiting from the blog hop. I know I will have to go see Les Mis, but I was wondering if it got a little boring. I'm thinking maybe a little. Glad you're feeling better! Stacie xo

  2. Hi Pamela! I'm hosting a Fun Friday blog hop and I would love for you to link up your blog. By the way, I'm a follower :)



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