Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our Amazing Trifting Adventure

How handsome is my man! It is a rare occasion that he will let me take a good photo of him and even rarer to get a good smile while I am doing it...ha!

Suit - Burberry London
Tie - Ralph Lauren
Shirt - Josef A Banks
and it was completely thrifted - like new - awesome - amazing and the entire get up was $26! Yep - no kiddin'! 

Here is the story:
he needed a new suit as  his old suit was from about 30 pounds or so ago - to usher at church - you need to wear at least a sports jacket. We went to Men's Warehouse and he was fitted for a suit. For $500 he could get the suit he picked out plus another suit as it was BOGO (buy one get one) Ok - so we get the first one picked out - and was looking for the 2nd one and then decided to have them hold the one we picked out so we could go check out Josef A Banks. 
Then I remembered someone telling me we should check out Goodwill or one of the local thrift shops. We thought why not? O M Gee - I am so happy we did! On our first trip to one of 2 shops - we found this beautiful suit, 3 dress shirts and 3 sports jackets! One of the jackets was Oscar De La Renta! the dress shirts were all Ralph Lauren or Josef A Banks. They all looked brand new and some had cleaners tags on them but we still took everything to the cleaners. We were just in awe! He pretty much has a whole new church wardrobe.

So after this amazing thrifting adventure - we have now scoped out ALL the Goodwills, Salvation Armys, and countless thrift stores in our area. Who knew there were so many ? It is like a treasure hunt! If you have never been to one - seriously - check it out. Not only will you find like new clothing, some actually brand new still with tags, but you are helping out charities. Some of these stores offer half price on clothing on certain days of the week which makes it even a bigger (amazing!) bargain. 
This weekend we were looking for ties and I thought I would look at the dress shirts for women to wear with a suit that I have. I found 2 beautiful dress shirts that  Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger that were starched like new. I mean perfectly crisp and look like they just came from the store. I was excited because they were a treasure find to me and only $2.90 each! THEN - I take them to the counter and find they are 1/2 price until noon...whoa! are you kiddin' me? We were on our way to the movies and had no more time to kill - so I couldn't look any longer. 

Guess what? Monday is 1/2 price ALL day and guess who will be there when the doors open?



  1. I love thrift shopping! It is like a treasure hunt and so exciting when you find something great!

  2. Welcome to my world! lol
    I don't know if you have a Savers in Texas but they are a good thift store too.

  3. Awesome finds lady! We love thrift stores! The hubbs and I found him 5 brand new, with tags, Nordstrom white button ups for work for $2 each!

  4. I will have to add - we found the suit on line and it is a $1400 suit! makes it even more a treasure!


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