Wednesday, January 9, 2013

PC vs iPad vs Laptop

I am having trouble, ya'll!

We decided to take down our PCs and even sold our matching red desks and nice matching leather chairs because we bought 2 iPads and decided we wanted to make our computer room into an exercise room (which, btw, has not been used once!) and surf the web from the luxury of our living room seated in our matching leather recliners.

Well - we love it! Except for the fact that I didn't consider how hard it is to blog from my iPad! Blogging is not the issue - but posting pictures is! We have 2 laptops, as well, (we are techie nerds, afterall) so I got mine out and it is the same issue. So as it is, I am having to do most of my posting from work (which isn't too smart).

What to do? What to do? any suggestions? I have already lost 6 followers as it is - I know I am not blogging as much. I promise I am trying to do better! I love blogging and I love the iPad - I have to find a workable solution!

UPDATE: I have it all taken care of! 
My daughter told me about the Blogger App - I never even thought of that!
Another option - I realized I was using Internet Explorer on the laptop - and Google Chrome is more user friendly for blogging. 
All is well within my blogger world again!
Thanks to those who offered to help. I appreciate your comments and e-mails!


  1. What issues are you having with posting pics through your laptop. Maybe I can help. I never do my blog on anything but my laptop. I have used photos from my phone, my camera and even some from online sites. Feel free to email me at Maybe I can help.

  2. I mostly do my blog from work - yeah I know - shhhh. It is a pain in the rear from the IPad. My laptop at home works well - I don't normally have any problems with posting pics. Looks like Mamaw above can help.

    Happy New Year !!

  3. I wish I had an answer for you...but you'll never lose me as a follower!

  4. This is actually good for me to hear because I was thinking of getting an iPad to blog. That's a bummer that it's hard to post pictures from it :( Wish I could help, but like the above commenter said, you won't lose me as a follower!

  5. I have an ipad but I really don't like to do blogging from it. Hate to say it, but I think you almost have to have a laptop to do some of the things. Just feels better, I guess.. :)


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