Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why I Love My Husband.

Every  Thursday 5 reasons are added for Why I Love My Husband.

1. He always opens my car door.

2. He goes with me to buy groceries.

3. He prays

4. He puts up with all my family and I know sometimes that can be hard to do!

5. He will sit through girlie movies with me and not complain (too


  1. Aww so sweet! My hubby goes to the store with me too. It is so nice having company while getting groceries. :) Looks like he is headed to work in the pic. I am having an awesome giveaway for 50 4x5 personalized Valentine's Cards and a 5x5 desk plaque (your pics could be sitting on his desk, how perfect?!) I'd love for you to stop in and enter.

  2. You family is not THAT bad Mom!!lol

  3. This is just soooo sweet, Pamela.
    Love your child's comment. haha


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