Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Ok Thursday

Happy Thursday! 

It's Ok that the weather can not make up it's mind what season we are in. Shorts over the weekend- wet first of the week now freezing cold again! Welcome to Texas, ya'll!

It's Ok that hubby and I are going a little crazy with the Duck Dynasty reruns - we watch them over and over - can't wait for the new shows to start! Those guys crack me up!

It's Ok that nearly all of our sentences seem to start with "hey" - too much DD perhaps? (see above ha! we LOVE Si!)

It's Ok that we missed Wednesday night church this week - my fault completely. Brad got home a little later than usual and we still had 1 1/2 hours before church and I thought that was plenty of time to go to Olive the time we got our check it was 7:15 and still 20 minutes away from church with the traffic. Oh well - God still loves us :-)

It's Ok that we are having my MIL here next week and I haven't done a thing  to get ready ie change sheets on the bed, dust her room, think of what we will eat...agh!


  1. Hey there is nothing wrong with loving Duck Dynasty, Jack!! Ha ha I love me some DD!!


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