Friday, February 1, 2013

High 5 For Friday

Happy Friday - linking up with Lauren From My Grey Desk

I have been playing my guitar more  and I have added more songs! I have been working on Jesus In Disguise which I really love!

American Idol is back but I don't have as much enthusiasm this year with the new judges. I'm trying to like them, really!

I have been working on a flyer for the salon I go to and it is looking pretty good! I am taking them what I have so far this weekend and getting feedback.  I think they will love it.  I already created a form for them and in exchange received a free service.  It took me all of 5 minutes to create so I think I got the best end of that deal!

I found something for breakfast that is quick and healthy. Two Eggo low fat waffles with honey roasted peanut butter...YuMmO! Easy to eat in the car when running late, too!

Hey, it's February! One of my very favorite holidays is this month - Valentine's Day! I already have MY Valentines ready to go! If you want to see what I made for my hubby - go HERE


  1. the idol judges are fun to laugh at! nikki is pretty crazy.

  2. We are watching this season too! I've decided that I really like Keith Urban!


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