Friday, February 22, 2013

High 5 For Friday


Happy Happy Happy Friday - linking up with Lauren From My Grey Desk high 5 for Friday week are:

*Tonight is our Couples Dinner/Movie at church. I am not sure what the Movie will be - but we are promised it is something that will enhance our marriages - sounds good!

*I was chosen as Educator Support Staff of the Year - how awesome is that!?!

*I was in Walgreens and happened to check out the leftover Valentine items and found Hersheys Raspberry Hugs on sale for 87 cents per bag...woohoo I bought them all! (not saying how many! :-) 

*I am down to one aquarium at home (from 8 to 1) which is pretty good and I have had no problem in selling each one. I just listed the 55 gallon tank so I am sure it will sell in no time.

*I had Monday off so spent the day getting a manicure, visiting the dermatologist and doing a little shopping. Nice to have a free day once in awhile just to catch up on things.

Have an awesomely blessed weekend!

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  1. OH my v-day candy...and raspberry none the less! Amazing, I would have scooped them up too! New follower from the fun friday hop!


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