Friday, February 22, 2013

Sobakawa Cloud Pillow - Review

 I am loving my new pillow!!!

I have had neck problems for a good while now. I sleep on a Tempurpedic mattress, which is great - but I didn't like the pillow that came with it. I have tried several different pillows with no relief. I decided to give this cloud pillow a try and I am really loving it! It is filled with thousands of air beads - and it actually feels like it supports my neck and shoulders without feeling like I have my neck at a weird angle like most pillows I have tried. They say it is based on the traditional Asian buckwheat pillows - whatever that is! (lol) but I really do like it. It also comes with its own washable pillow case.

HOWEVER - I did not go through the official website - I bought mine at CVS and I paid the same price of $19.99 as the website offer, but I didn't have to pay the shipping and handling, of course. 

Here is the official website:
Sobakawa Cloud Pillow

If you are having problem sleeping due to neck or shoulder pain - I recommend you give it a try. I believe they have them at Walmart and Walgreens as well. Pretty much anything that is "as seen on TV" is in the stores now. 

* This is my own personal opinion. I did not receive compensation for this review.

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