Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Ok Thursday

I missed last week altogether posting for Thursday because I was in Arkansas visiting family and just didn't get around to blogging much. I am still in catch up mode.

It's Ok - that my car is in the body shop and we are waiting to hear it she is totaled or not - I AM ALIVE.

It's Ok - that my neck and shoulder hurts - I AM ALIVE

It's Ok - that we had to fork out a $500 deductible and $50 for rental car deposit - I AM ALIVE

It's Ok - that I missed my hair appointment, a day of work, church that night - I AM ALIVE

It's Ok - that it was pretty embarrassing sitting on the median, traffic going by with ambulance and police car lights going, every one looking to see what happened - I AM ALIVE.

It is all Ok that this has been a little bit of an inconvenience, but God was in control, He had his hand of protection on me, he gave me a new platform to share His grace and love. I have had so many opportunities to give God the glory through it all. So many people said I could have been hurt worse, hit more times, been hit by a car just getting out of the car, flipped, etc. How "lucky" I was that it was only minor bruising, how "lucky" I am that it wasn't so much worse. LUCK had NOTHING to do with it. GOD was in CONTROL. Plain and simple. 

Thank you, Lord - for your ever loving presence. For giving me another day on earth. For letting me use this to lift up YOUR name. For giving me grace. I keep asking God to use me. I am thankful that He is. 


  1. Thank you Pamela for visitig me!
    Newest follower on bloglovin' here :)

  2. Glad your ok. Such a positive outlook. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. So sorry for your accident. Those are just so scary. Hope you are feeling better......Prays and hugs headed your way !!


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