Friday, March 22, 2013

Why I Love My Husband Thursday

My ever growing list: 

1. I had a wreck this week and when I called and told him I needed him he left work immediately. He  was so sweet and the fear and concern were so evident in his voice.

2. He went with me just to get my stitches out from my skin cancer.

3.  He stayed home with me the day after the wreck to make sure I was ok.

4. We were at the ER until after 10 p.m. since I needed a CTScan of head and neck and he never complained of the long wait.

5. He drove me to the salon the next day for my hair appointment (which is where I was heading the day of the wreck!) because I was still a little nervous to drive. My rental car is a Dodge Charger and I have been driving an SUV for years, so that alone is really different. Top that with being T-Boned out of the blue, makes for a nervous situation.

Some of my wreck pictures:

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