Friday, May 10, 2013

Growing Older Does Not Mean...

Ladies - growing older does not mean ---

That you have to have chin hair! There is a great invention called TWEEZERS - it isn't even new - it has been around a good while now. They also make magnifying make up mirrors! 
I can not believe how many women I see with a wild hair growing above their lip or sticking out of their chin! Not a day goes by that I don't give my face a good once over before putting on my make-up. 

That you can get by without a pedicure! Seriously, if you are going to wear shoes that show your A. toenails and B. heels - - - then get a pedicure! If you absolutely can not afford at least one per month - then invest in a little pedi kit at the dollar store and do it yourself. Really - it doesn't take but a couple of minutes sitting on the side of your tub and scrubbing the hooves! It is a must!! Even my husband will point out nasty hooves in the summer time! It is just gross! and PLEASE wear shoes that fit - it is so unattractive to see a woman's scruffy heels hanging over the end of her shoes or her toes going over the end! For heaven's sake - don't wear panty hose with sandals - especially support hose!!!!

That you still look good in a mini skirt. I see grown women who are WAY past 50 wearing skirts and dresses that are close enough to be called a shirt. You just look like you are trying too hard. I don't care if you have nice legs or not (but most I see - not so much!) show a little maturity and drop it down a few inches. 

Now - there is my rant for the day - agree or disagree - but I think most of my friends will agree I am spot on with this.

Have a nice day! :-)


  1. LOL!! I'll have you know I just pulled out my 10X magnifying mirror to check my chin...and I'm making an appointment for a pedicure :-) Loved it!

  2. You are so pretty! You inspire me to take good care of myself. I am a new blog lovin follower. i hope you follow back ;) Found you at Weekend Blog Block Party #1!

    1. How sweet, thank you! I certainly will come by and say hi - thank you for following!


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