Friday, May 10, 2013

High 5 For Friday

Happy Friday - and Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

*I am fortunate enough to still have both my mom and my mother in law in my life. That is a blessing! They both received their flowers and Rocky Mountain chocolates yesterday. ProFlowers Rocks!

*I received this sweet picture in the mail yesterday from my beautiful daughter. Tucker is 2 1/2 years old now - Happy Mother's Day to my daughter, too.

*I saved  $709 dollars at Kohl's! I still wasn't happy with the comforter set I just bought - so I found one I liked much better and it was $500 - with half off and then I had a 30% coupon. I also found 4 maxi dresses, and 2 denim sleeveless vests. (Now I just have to sell the one I decided I didn't like!)

*It was Teacher Appreciation Week - and even tho I am not a teacher - I do work at a junior high - and the PTO were so sweet including support staff in their appreciation. We all got a $5 giftcard for Bullritos and they brought in amazing cupcakes. There was something yummy going on every day. Today is salsa and chips from Casa Ole! YUM!

*After my car was totaled - and insurance paid their portion off - we still owed $1900 and we paid if off this week! Yea!

I hope every one has an amazingly blessed Mothers' Day!

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