Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vacation Decisions - Make Up Your Mind Already!

I can't believe school is almost over for another year! We have big plans for the summer. 

Originally, we planned to leave the middle of June to head straight up to South Dakota from Texas to see Mt. Rushmore and then on around through Wyoming, Colorado -ending in Arkansas to pick up my mom  and 2 oldest grandangels before heading home. We would take our time - 2 full weeks - stopping wherever our hearts desired. We were excited about seeing the mountains, waterfalls, getting back to nature,  watching the buffalo roam, the antelopes playing, etc. 

 These plans have been in the making for months. I thought they were in stone. We talked about it over and over. Ha!

Then...THIS  week...hubby starts thinking about the Grand Canyon - Ok, we can scooch over and see that, too. Then what if we go through the Panhandle - instead of straight up - hit Amarillo - check out the 72 oz steak (although I KNOW neither of us would even attempt that feat) OK - we can do that - yea, no problem. I had to draw the line when he started talking about renting camping gear and staying a couple of days down IN the Grand Canyon and we would have to get there by riding a donkey - NO WAY! Seriously? 

Now then - plans have changed a wee bit - adding in a few more states - a few more miles - a few more dollars, of course. I am OK with it - and plans are down, done, back in stone. Ha!

Last night - my hubby announces he is tired of stressing over all of these decisions. Really? I thought they were in stone - decisions were made - done, final, yadda yadda yadda. Not so, my dear friend, not so.

Then I find out it is actually all my fault. I will totally take the blame. I casually mentioned that NEXT year - I would like to go to Georgia, (GWTW fan)  Kentucky, Tennessee (Blue Ridge Mountains) and I would really like it if we go all the way to Pennsylvania - visit Amish Country - we would be taking in more states -  there is lots of great history to be seen...that sounded likes loads of fun. 

I saw the wheels turning. 

It wasn't an hour later and he had a whole new idea. We could still see Mt. Rushmore - he just rerouted the whole thing in his mind in about 2 minutes - getting us from Texas - to Pennsylvania - all the way around to South Dakota - and straight around to Arkansas. Have you know how many miles that would be?? I don't either - but it's a lot! We ain't doing it!!! 

Then he asks me is my heart set on seeing Mt. Rushmore? Well, no - I have been there - I wanted HIM to see it. Then he tells me he can  live without it. He was doing it for me. Lord, help us!

Soooooooo - since we scratched South Dakota - which was THE main reason for planning in ANY direction - we were back to square one.

Now - 

...And this IS in stone (yea, right) We are leaving Houston, TX - heading through Louisiana - Mississippi - Tennessee - Kentucky - West Virginia - Pennsylvania - Ohio - back through Kentucky - Tennessee - ending in Arkansas before heading back home to Texas.

He says he feels better - no more stress - our trip is planned - more time to do and see things we want.

We go to bed, lights out - and then I hear "Well, what about the Smithsonian Institute - we would be so close...."



  1. lol Maybe yall just need to leave with no plans and just drive wherever you feel like driving that day!

  2. Hi Pamela. Thank you so much for stopping by.... you're my 500!!!! I'm your newest follower. I too am trying to decide between going to one of the outer islands (I live on Oahu), Vegas, San Fran or Arizona. Too bad I cant do all!

    1. Wouldn't it be nice! Too much to choose from!


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