Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Things My Grandma Said

I sure do miss my Conway Grandma. That is what we called her growing up and still call her when we talk about her. She was my Paternal Grandmother and her real name was Mildred. My Maternal Grandmother was Little Rock Grandma. (obviously because that is where they each lived) That is how we distinguished which grandma was which. Both of my grandma's have been gone for a good while now.

I was thinking about some of the things my grandma used to say...Like "I have a bar of chocolate if you want some". I don't know why that always cracked me up when she would say that. It makes me smile just thinking of it now. Or "Do you want a piece of milk?" Or my very favorite "You and Me's fixin' to go round by Lauries." That is what she would say when I was doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing. She used to babysit this little girl across the street from her when she lived in Conway. Her name was Laurie. According to my grandma Laurie was a mean,spoiled little brat. My grandma had to spank her all the time. So her saying meant that I was fixin' to get a Laurie kind of whoopin'. LOL 

As I got older, one thing my grandma was really good at - getting me to do what she wanted. My Aunt Virgie, her youngest daughter out of 10 children - was someone I really looked up to. She was beautiful and I loved her fashion style. So if my grandma was at our house and I wore something wrinkled or stained - she would quickly say "Your Aunt Virgie would never go out of the house looking like that!" Off I would go to change or iron my clothes. She knew that I wanted to be like Aunt Virgie so all she had to tell me is what Aunt Virgie would or would not do and that took care of that! 

She was something else! I sure do miss her!
This picture was taken when I was about 8 years old.

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