Friday, May 31, 2013

Mr. Owl - Do Your Thang!

We were so tired of the birds using our pool deck for their own amusement. Apparently they gather along the edges in crowds cheering on the squirrels or something. They are just like the fans at a baseball game, dropping their peanut hulls, napkins and spilled drinks to be picked up by stadium staff later. Except these little guys are leaving something that is much harder to pick up. BIRD POOP!
So - I googled how to stop this from happening or at least minimize it and apparently the number one answer is to place an owl in plain sight for the best deterrent. We hopped in our car - went to Wally World and picked up this guy for $18.95. 
This is Day 2 - and NO BIRD POOP! It is as clean as a whistle! To be honest, I am loving this Mr. Owl. He is life size and  his head moves around and he looks so real! In fact, he has scared my husband and I both a couple of times already - we are not used to seeing a creature sitting on the edge of the We are supposed to move him around every few days so the birds won't get used to him sitting there. We also have a lot of squirrels that like to hang out as well and so far, they haven't wanted to come out and play either!


  1. I love this guy! He is cute and clearly gets the job done. I imagine though if you see it out of the corner of your eye you might jump a little until you realize its just the owl. Here from FUn Friday Blog Hop!

    1. LOL yes - takes a little getting used to! thanks for stopping by!


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