Friday, July 26, 2013

High 5 for Friday

Summer is moving way too fast for me! I start back to work August 5th - so only a couple more free Fridays. :-(

*We decided to use the "free" money we got in the mail for a new amp! We are picking it up today at Guitar Center! yea!

*I'm lovin' my beautiful bargain picture - originally $159.99 - my price - $30.00. Can't beat that with a stick! Thank you, Hobby Lobby!

*We had a new AC system put in this week - I can not believe how quiet it is and the air just feels crisper, for lack of a better word.

*James Avery starts their promotional sale today - buy 2 charms and get a free bracelet. I am buying 4 charms - and selling the 2 bracelets on ebay. Hachachacha! - that will just about pay for the charms. 

*I picked up the photos today of the 2 grandangels - they turned out so good! I just love these 2 girls so much.
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  1. Cute photos, looking forward to your future posts:) I'm following you on bloglovin and GFC!

    Belle Epoque

  2. Your granddaughters are so pretty! Also... The air conditioning bit? Praise Jesus! I'd die without it around here in this humidity!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!!


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