Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Wedding Rings For Me! Happy Happy Happy

I made the decision that I wanted to go from Yellow Gold to White Gold with my wedding rings - mainly because my James Avery charm bracelet is silver and my Tiffany & Co. bracelet is white gold.

I took 4 of my yellow gold rings:  my current wedding rings, a ruby & diamond pinkie ring, an anniversary ring and a dinner ring to two  different jewelers to get estimates on what it would cost to (1) design a ring using the diamonds from my current wedding rings and any others that may be needed from the other rings  and (2) find out which way is the best way to go - trading in my yellow gold towards my new ring or selling it and keeping all the unused gems. 

The first jeweler offered me a set amount for my rings and gave me a price for my new ring minus the amount offered for my gems back. I didn't like his estimate too much.

The second said I should trade in the gold - they do trade in plus 10% and I would get back any diamonds or rubies that they didn't use. I liked that better. They gave me an estimate for my new ring which was less than the first jeweler and then told me that was the MOST it would cost and it would most likely be up to $100 less. I did like that!

I gave them the go ahead and gave them 2 different pictures of rings that I like and I would like a cross between the two. They are supposed to have the wax mold ready within 2 weeks for me to look at and approve. I am so excited! 

I like the wide band - and I like the halo effect on the second one which is the main thing I want. 
I can't wait to see what they come up with!

This is my current wedding set - which is beautiful - I am just wanting something different and white gold. 
My husband wasn't really on board with it at first - he was a little hurt that I even wanted to change - he had never heard of "upgrading" or changing your style of wedding rings - then he found out his mother did that twice and he decided it was OK.  My mom also did it twice in her 53 year marriage - and she told me my dad wasn't happy about it the first time either. I guess men look at it a little differently than we do, right?


  1. I hope you post a photo of the new ring! It is like saying "I DO" all over again!

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